The Nazareth Church of Christ

In the hometown of Christ and the birth of Christianity, the Nazareth Church of Christ's property, which is located in the heart of the city, was bought in 1964 and mission began by Ernest Stewart and Ralph Henley.

In 1971, Maurice Jadon was converted and baptized into Christ through a mission trip carried out by George Baily. He began his work and association with the church in the region. He was the song leader at Sunday services, and he interpreted sermons and bible classes that were given by missionaries to local people.

Since that time, at least nine families have served as missionaries in Nazareth, but that did not last long.

In the second half of the 1980's, a radical Israeli party in the parliament took over the Office of Interior. They strongly believed in purifying Israel from Christianity and keeping it as a complete and pure Jewish state. In 1988, they set laws to ban the issuing of missionary visas that were happening for decades without limitations, and they provoked all given visas to missionaries found in Israel. They gave them a very limited window of time to leave the country.

The only solution that was available was to train and plant a local preacher. Being faithful to the word and a cornerstone of the Nazareth Church for over 15 years, Maurice Jadon was contacted by missionaries with this vision and plan. He had tremendous weight upon his mind to leave his successful established accounting job, his extended family and his beloved city and travel half the way across the world to study the Bible in a strange country and culture to become a preacher.

After long nights and talks with his wife Inaam, they were embarked upon a new and life changing journey.

Upon graduation in 1990, the Jadons returned to Nazareth. There were only 2 people meeting at the Church office. Maurice Jadon made the count three.

The challenges and tribulations that faced Maurice Jadon in his new role were so enormous. Not only Israel is a Jewish state with 80% Jews and 20% Arabs, but 90% of those Arabs are of Muslim background. Moreover, the majority of the Christians residing in Israel are of Catholic or Greek Orthodox backgrounds which are greatly against any evangelical church or individuals. The challenges and the troubles were 3-fold.

After long and hard work in Nazareth and the Galilee area, Maurice Jadon established many home churches and saved many souls in a number of villages across the Galilee. Upon the request of the supporting Church in the USA, they asked him to put his entire focus on the Nazareth Church of Christ to make alive again like it was the case in the 70's.

Maurice Jadon and his wife Inaam, helped the Church grow from 2 members to a steady number of 50 to 60 members (with foreign visitors numbers reach 80 to 90). But most importantly, the Jadons planted the spirit of brotherhood, love and hospitality among the members of the Nazareth Church that is felt by every visitor, group or preacher coming to visit and worship with the Church - local or international.
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