The City of Nazareth Israel

The hometown of Christ and the birth of Christianity, Nazareth, is a vital and important city and hub of the Galilee area. It is located in the lower Galilee, and it is a 25-minute (30 km/18.6 miles) drive to the Sea of Galilee where Jesus spent most of his time and ministry.

Today, Nazareth has a population of 77,800 and its metropolitan area counts over 205,000 people. The area is predominantly Muslim and Jews with Christians of different denominations being the minority. Christians comprise 28% of the total city population and only 18% of the total metropolitan area.

Nazareth has many hotels, restaurants, shops, malls, and other attractions for domestic and international visitors alike. You can try the local foods and desserts or eat at one of the 6 McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, or Domino's that are spread throughout the city.

Nazareth has many Christian sites and Churches to visit - the Annunciation Church, the old market, the synagogue Church, the 150-year-old mill spices shop, and others. Throughout the entire year, you can see pilgrims and tourists in the city, during the day and the night, in spring and during Christmas, walking the streets and touring the city.

In recent years, Churches of Christ groups, universities, and individuals have made Nazareth an important stop of their tours and have taken an extra step where they worship with the Nazareth Church on Sunday and have a fellowship lunch afterward. If visiting the Holy Land is your dream, the Nazareth Church of Christ operates an incoming travel office where we build your itineraries and book all needed services for your tour group to happen. Maurice's younger son, Sandro Jadon, is a Ministry of Tourism licensed tour guide. He would be in charge of leading the groups to go around Israel. If you would like to know more about touring the Holy Land, you can contact Awny Jadon, Maurice's eldest son, and he would be happy to provide the needed information.

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