Phillip Hall

Because of the generosity of one man, Phillip, from the state of Alabama, our recently built hall became a reality. It is called Phillip Hall in honor of this great Christian man. It was completed in April of 2023.

The Hall serves our Church and its visitors. It is a multi-purpose use building of various events throughout the year. Inaam, Maurice's wife, prepares great meals so that the Church can celebrate Mother's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas together. We also have groups, of all sizes, that come to visit the Holy Land and make a stop to worship with us on a Sunday, asking to have a meal afterward to get to know the brethren of the local Church. Instead of eating at a restaurant, they support the Church by doing so.

If you are planning to visit the Holy Land, and as many group leaders made this a legacy of their own, we would love for you to have a home-cooked meal at our Church and get to know us more. This will also help the Church financially.

Come and try our local and authentic foods.

Phillip Hall
Phillip Hall
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